Anu Aug 25 2017 11:10 pm The thrilling plot is just a bonus for the viewers; that's just one of the reasons it's so darn entertaining! NJW is hands down a very good actress considering her young age. JCW and NJW just nailed it. He made a rash choice there and not a good partnership and a stupid plot. Can't waitttt. 40 episodes but 35 minutes per each and aired 2 ep per day. (Too many idiotic comments on this page...). It will be a hit bigtime. ice May 11 2017 6:04 am -dong ha- .wow i think he was the best cant take my eyes off of him in any of hes scence made me cry so many times too. !I'm so happy and I know that if they do play together,both of them will play they are role perfectly and sure they will be amazing!! Dong Ha is a real scene-stealer!!!). Bouchra siroua Mar 23 2017 1:03 pm make Kang Ha Neul and Kim Seul Gi for lead role ! Momo Apr 04 2017 11:52 pm Her facial expression is something. a fan from the Philippines, Ellen May 19 2017 3:06 pm What an incrediblw journey. And if you consider the main thing that is acting then nobody can really surpass her in this particular role. Stop staying in the past. Ji Chang wook and HJW have a good chemistry in Empress Ki..and also HJW can do action scenes very well,..i hope u can reconsider.. miki Mar 29 2017 8:12 pm Chirakshee May 10 2018 7:22 am She's so natural. Ji chang wook is a great actor, he can build any chemistry with all of his partners. But it does not mean I don't like njh, so please don't blame the jcw fans. I understand the character is supposed to be older compared to her other roles, but why do they want to make her look older than the lead guy? Moon geung young or han hyo joo pls..... Jessica Mar 20 2017 6:43 pm Bong Hee secures herself a legal internship, unaware that her instructor will be Ji Wook, who remembers her antics well. Her way of thinking says a lot about her mature personality and her work ethics that she really stuns me and I am only full of praise for her. Not only dramas but also variety shows are separate like that. Alpha Jun 03 2017 11:13 am The plot is original and everything is just perfect, and let me not start with the OST, bc it's brilliant too! 28, 2015 Overlord. ❤. ella May 20 2017 1:45 am i don't know why but i feel scared whenever this guy appears. Dude why not JCW take fantasy drama . I believe she can create a good pair with Ji Chang Wook. Watching a lot of drama will not make you become an expert, all we can do as a viewer is just to enjoy, if you do not like it then stop watching it, it's as simple as that. Almost all JCW's dramas (surprise surprise!) Love, love, love him :). it would have been better if JCW and NJH just remained friendly with each other but the way they acted during the wrap up party made me more curious about them and couldn't move on. She has potential, but should choose a good role. wokkie deserves to be recognize very well like Lee Min Ho since he's acting in healer, The K2 are superb, pls support Wokkie. But i dont think these reviews matter too much because of the rate of success of SP in online streaming sites or naver or even in tv ratings. It shown well and wonderful tho. Like she just endured the scenes without really absorbing her character until the end? It was one of the best so far and I can't just help but fall in love with both leads especially the male. Looking forward to the next episodes! oh my gosh!! While people are busy comparing NJH and LSK here I am still contemplating whether to love Tae Joon character in this drama or not lol I'm scared he will turn into a psychotic later. donahmeee Apr 26 2017 8:17 am What an incredibke showcase of emotions she can convey. Allie Jul 11 2017 7:42 am Interesting and fun to watch romcom. This drama is so good. Jangkholal haokip May 31 2017 7:48 am His acting is also superb as usual. A lot of people are backing her up and defending her and showing their love for her and I love reading those positive, uplifting comments. Most of the time the balancing doesnt work but i love it here. for the past 2 months i have not read a book (just the comments about the drama) nor listened to any other songs (except the SP ost). Nice movie, pretty ladies lol but one thing i really hate with korea movies is that they don't always have a perfect ending. I know it was a while ago but I keep coming back to it because they spark off each other and act brilliantly together, and their chemistry is amazing. After reading some comments...... well, people may have different views. Chin Oct 02 2019 4:03 am Hehe Mar 18 2017 1:49 pm Please mid july coming faster !!!! Cant wait to see more of him. Later that night, Bong-Hee goes to a nearby convenience store and when she returns to her apartment, she finds Hee-Joon stabbed to death. He does them well but there's nothing new here. I really like this drama. sara May 26 2017 4:31 pm nancy May 31 2017 6:26 am I don't know why some of you have so much problem with an older woman or age gap. i am so in love with this drama that i kept checking instagram, twitter, youtube and whatnot just to fill my thirst for the overflowing chemistry of JCW and NJH. Heehee, I'm loving this drama already. Mobile and PC support. Syarifah Nurul Izzah Feb 17 2017 10:45 pm I didn't feel the chemistry between two leads, comedy? Lisa Mar 18 2017 12:16 am FeKimi Jul 27 2017 3:17 am DrakorIndo. I mean, they spent almost 1 hour just to show the main heroine scrambling her hair (and, Ji Changwook being perfectly awesome, once again, pardon my bias). Best kdrama so far can watch it on repeat :). 엘프 Jul 10 2017 7:52 am they really had good working relationship as seen in the bts. if i can just do something about the ratings please tell me i'm kinda frustrated because i love it so much and i don't know why it doesn't reflect the ratings... common knetz give some love to jcw before enlisting to army!! but the way the story went the killer only started having amnesia towards the end. It would be fun to see what would the interaction/s between Bong Hee and her future mother-in-law and Ji Wook to Bong Hee's mom. And K-Netz were calm too, the responses are pretty good. FIGHTING:D. Bongbong Jun 17 2017 10:34 am Ara May 19 2017 10:20 am Rai Jul 14 2017 9:05 pm LoL they have such intense chemistry that it makes me wanna ship them in real life. what an idiot. I could stare at Ji Chang Wook's handsome face the whole day! i love it. I can another side of Dong Ha here, from a chaebol son Park Myung Sook in Chief Kim to a serial killer Jung Hyun Soo here, I want to see more of his acting. I dunno why, I just feeling like that. The story pace is fast. In the drama, I believe NJH is a lot older-- which is still amazing seeing how young she actually is. Suspicious Partner Episode 2; Yi Yeojareul Joshimhaseyo Episode 2; Beware of This Woman Episode 2; Be Careful of This Woman Episode 2; Soosanghan Romaenseu Episode 2; Watch Out For This Woman Episode 2; 이 여자를 조심하세요 Episode 2; Suspicious Romance Episode 2; Soosanghan Pateuneo Episode 2; 수상한 로맨스 Episode 2; sorry for my poor english. )you should watch and see before you speak!! All these comments about pairings and nothing important about drama. I think Han Hyo-joo of the most perfect to accompany Ji Chang Wook in this drama, aside from her beauty, her acting unquestionable. Omg . Such a shame! I watched it two times and it is definitely one of my favorites. They are actors yet they still have their own privacy life and you don't have a right at all to control their life. Idapau Jul 12 2017 11:52 pm She has already proven herself to be exceptionally talented, and with her down-to-earth and positive attitude towards her work, I can safely say that she won't stay underrated for long. Both of them are good actresses and they are just trying to make the best of their roles. And many of us probably know that unforgettable kissing scene and the following bed scene. I keep curious who actually kill the chef it is the same person who kill ex heroin or dong ha kill the chef. t Jun 15 2017 3:38 pm Apart from the chemistry and awesome cast i am loving the story. JiJi is my life Jun 29 2017 8:26 am For JCW, we all will be waiting for you in 2 years. But I'll continue to watch it for NJH. . cant wait for the next episode (ep. Ji Chang-Wook is a hunk! Nam Ji Hyun is a very very good actor! 30 entertainment roles under her belt at the age of 22 (that is just how AsianWiki has listed, she probably has had more minor roles and commercials etc)!! Sometimes i think i can go to korea amd be the scriptwriter? Just completed watching the episodes. Been following Ji chang wook ever since He starred in ldrama Healer. (: janelle Apr 04 2017 7:03 am (Early episode 11 and ending episode 12) Nam Ji Hyun is very good to potray Bong Hee's character. He did a very great job with his acting skill. Unique and interesting concept. Jean Baker Jun 13 2017 11:34 am i'm just hoping for the best for both of them especially JCW after 2 years of military enlistment. So far this kdrama has been really good I like the drama but the cliffhangers are just too much which is freaking me out DAEBAK!! I am not an old lady yet but love classic movies :D. I'm waiting this dramas new series fighting. That kind of character suit her. Wish him good luck in real life<3, kloe Jun 07 2017 12:21 pm This drama starting with so cute and funny, but ep 3-4 murder case happens it is unpredictable. Thats doesnt count as a result. The romantic comedy part is actually very good but could have been much more moments of it. She is so bright and cheery but she probably had a tragic childhood too like Ji Wook. There is always room for improvement and I am glad that she likes her job. JiJi couple forever! yay...jichangwook XD!!! Cath Mar 23 2017 6:35 am 3) The main obstacle remains the rom-com cliché of father 1 kills father 2 which only means the children’s lives end up being messed up, then, years later, they fell in love and after all the crazy turmoil (because of psychos: a sly killer incriminating lead-lady and later with amnesia and also sentimental, and the General Prosecutor's lead-infant brainwashing scheme) they must breakup in order to grow up in their relationship. He was a good guy who couldn't do anything when the girl he liked got sexually abused. I cant believe that this drama is not ranked within the top 3. Eskimo Jul 17 2017 2:32 am LOL, why can't people shut up about LSK. one week left or 4 episodes to go..waaaah! They are incredible chemistry.when you pair them again this will be a great drama....... Sara Mar 22 2017 6:04 pm I love this drama so much & will rewatch it again when it's done to reminisce those cute & sweet moments. So even though I watched this drama in like three days, and its been a few months since I watched it, I keep thinking about the male lead ji chang wook. Lazy Girl May 04 2017 8:09 pm To much comedy for their occupation. too bad they got the same air time with ruler. It would have been great if Ji Chang Wook was also there with you and the rest of the cast of SP during the award night, but military duty calls. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 11 With English sub. Her acting is weird and don't think she looks good with Ji Chang Wook. { I preferably seeing this first than others. Enjoy ?❤. The drama is not perfect but the chemistry of the whole cast starting with the main couple until the lawyers' office with their messy meetings is the best. I am so excited for Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun! Finally i find the reasons to watch this drama. Dami once said they would'nt accept her in Korea unless she does surgery done on her face. Sad to see the drama end, it's been an extremely enjoyable drama with heaps of plot twists towards the end. Omo my two favorites. i hope SP drama make-up artists can read this. I love her as the child in will it snow in christmas and angel eyes, i love her in shopping king Louis. i am just simply in love with this drama. So sad the rating is still bad. fighting SP! 30:58. Hina Jul 14 2017 2:24 pm Omg, I strongly agree !! Hmm everyone has difference opinions. in my opinion, it would been much better if the part about the fathers were scratched out. i think it's better to stop comparing actress if you really want this drama succeed. love wif this drama? I'm not sure whether it's the character or the script.. JCW definitely acted out effortlessly yet NJH felt quite off from being natural at times. It turned out well that Lee Sung-Kyung and Han Ji-Min didn't take the role. Sania Jun 16 2017 5:42 pm The chemistry between the characters is adorable and the story line leaves you wanting to know more. Ji Chang Wook ??? I love them so much. Lenny Jun 19 2017 11:02 pm I was more shocked to find out that that cop turned out to be one of the rapists. rating battle against peoples favorite child-actress is not a joke ... hope rating will be high ! I was one of the people who doubted NJH if she would give justice to Bong Hee but after seeing it myself i applaud her.. They are just delivering the acting required from them on this drama. andy Mar 17 2017 4:41 pm I like Nam Ji-hyun for her acting, she's simple and funny, and yet she still manage to look so pretty. I will miss my JiBong couple. Hoping that they will do another drama together. Poppy Feb 17 2017 1:50 am Bern Feb 03 2018 9:51 am I m mentioned the noona from the empress ki, the k2 and Te younger like im yoona whose still weak in acting.. International fans will be neutral as long as the story is good so noprob. I don't care what others may/might say.To me this is the best kdrama for this year. Yatie Jun 16 2017 8:41 am Plot is perfect neither too slow nor too fast the twists and turns are amazing loving the cliff hanger at the end of each episode and the romance is way too perfect the best i have seen so far njh and jcw can set screens on fire ?..we should do something about it..Let's support this drama ... Hwating, jashik Jun 02 2017 5:29 am Moonlight Jun 24 2017 3:26 am They are number 1 in 2049 ratings. So adorable! From their wedding to serial killer Jung Hyun Soo's violent revenge plot, the fans are really waiting to watch many more interesting scenes in season 2. I don't know why people still criticize NJH's acting. I love the suspense, drama, comedy, romance, and everything. Already watched it 3 times now, and I believe I can't stop. Awwww ?my opppa in a new drama...dis is driving me crazy?? Even I like the killer. please lee sung kyung the role was for her if not lee sung kyung Iam not going to watch it. davia Mar 02 2019 10:14 pm Suddy Feb 25 2018 1:52 pm I honestly think this is one of the best dramas this year and love all the lead roles.. Elfiona Jun 17 2017 7:00 pm ayazu Mar 18 2020 5:17 am I didnt feel any chemistry between bong hee and ji wook characters. mama Mar 17 2017 9:53 pm Hahaha. Dialogues are coarse and simplistic. I just couldn't picture them as that OTP like everyone else. janet May 19 2017 1:38 pm (And also, Bong Hee's dad does not look like a bad person) If this is the case, then it seems they are really destined or fated to be together..... Young Girl Jun 23 2017 1:18 am The chemistry between lead actor and actress something that you will thankfull. And chief bang, please live! time. Bong-Hee is hurt by her boyfriend's apparent infidelity and tells him that she will sleep with the next man she bumps into. May the best idol wins. I reallu love this drama. And the ost is the best that I've heard this year. Suspicious Partner has ended, the comings weeks would be lacking without the SP weekly episodes that I'm always looking forward to. It's safe to say that the main cast will return for season 2 of Upload — Nathan, Nora, and Ingrid clearly aren't going anywhere, which means Amell, Allo, and Edwards will be back. I say she is perfect for the role. Cheshire Cat Apr 18 2017 11:34 am We don't want watch of the main lead isn't Sungkyung! i like both ji chang wook and nam ji hyun, definitely looking forward to follow this drama! New crush Choi tae joon. Hats off to the writer & director, as well as the actors! The fans are already looking forward to the next season. Cannot get enough of this!!! I find Bong Hee to be annoying here, don't think they have the right actress for that part. The story and the cast of this drama fits just perfect, as well as the background sounds. This drama is a must-see!!! Richa Jun 22 2017 10:10 am Shopping King drama is too nice too . It's that simple. And they could have explored how to deal with killer who lost memory under the judicial system. In particular, there is seriously no one like Ji Chang Wook, his charisma and singular charm shine through every character he plays, but he's particularly impressive here because of the variance in his character, there's no monotony! I had no idea she was only 21 crazy I'm watching suspicious partner and people kept commenting that she was young she really is a phenomenal actress and her looks are very pretty and versatile she can pull of a young or older role, ali Jun 03 2017 4:00 pm Lucien Jul 12 2017 6:45 pm got low ratings​ when NJW's previous dramas got better ratings. A splendid drama I must say. Hello Aug 15 2017 12:09 pm i'd love it if they would really end up together someday. And yes i am a park min young fan too. I hope Kim Woo Bin for male lead! OMO! They fit very well and they have a sense of teamwork: she really makes him stand better but at the same time she catches up quickly and does not stay behind. Can't get enough of you??? Its feel like bong soon ^_^,murder case but we don't feel scary coz they love just perfect ahaha. tae! Wondering why people say that no chemistry between the lead. i don't like yoona as an actress and the plot....just i don't know but it kinda bored healer--i don't like pmy which most contributed as to why i chose not to watch it. There's no strong plot like you have in Healer and this affects the flow of the story. Queen Oct 16 2017 10:34 am Id say 6/10. SP team fighting!!! This is unlikely of Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun's other works. Fingers crossed. I don't care about the female lead, i'm here just because ji chang wook. This drama has really good plot and a great casts, but the writer wastes their potential at the beginning. I will definitely NOT recommend this drama, especially after watching fight for my way and the main cast's other works. Bern Jun 25 2017 11:50 pm Safira May 19 2017 10:20 am Ruler of Death S1 E4 / Jul. Suspicious Partner Ep 27 Sub Indo. Song title?? i think park shin hye will compatible with this character. Seriously? Chang Wook oppa is too handsome for Nam Ji Hyun, but she is taking over with her genuine emotions and intonation. Just saying. Nam Ji hyun is the perfect person for the role!!! andy Mar 30 2017 4:54 pm I hope they can be in one project again in the future. Great show! She did a great job in there! Woah this girl has got some acting skills. Yeah i dont know how it will turn out to be in the end but i am definitely sure that it is going to be great. keita Nov 13 2017 3:51 am It is totally not your everyday drama All these comments about pairings and nothing important about drama. this drama has been getting a lot of attention from when the actors were chosen til its last week of showing. Suspicious Partner Season 1 Episode 39-40 Player kami berjalan optimal di CHROME. As a die hard fan of Ji Chang Wook, I could barely finish this drama. And knowing how hard-working Wookie can get, I'm sure that he's also doing a great job in his military training. 377 See all. Riviewer Apr 18 2020 3:16 pm Yep I loved this drama a lottttt! she deserve the role! i understand. They suit each other well (unlike Yoona and JCW in K2...cough cough) and they are good actors. Because right now it says 2 episodes a day which means episodes 1-4 would air in one week, but it actually took 2 weeks? From 1st ep - 36 people more concern about actors as a person not as an actor. this drama is daebak. Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) EP 1 Eng Sub - Bong Hee, a trainee at Judicial Research and Training Institute, mistakens Ji Wook as a pervert who was harassing her in a subway. Just finished this drama. Ji chang wook and nam ji hyun ” Warrior Baek Dong So ”. i also like njh's hair down more than when it's pulled back in a pony tail. I just hate the way that the directors made her style look so old. And sorry for the cruel comments, it's just my opinion.. ? We're supposed to be supporters of our favorite actors and actresses. If i am k viewers i will be confused too. Nam Ji Hyun very perfect. I think they have to watching again or maybe watching the BTS,...and plus dont forget this drama is the most recomended drama by JCW before militry. overal love the plot and specially Ji Chang Wook :D, liam anold May 14 2017 10:37 pm And the one who commented .. i guess that persone name is jkjk .... who is saying that writer was unsuccessful or director is new... seriously Are you born on this earth with experiences.. put yourself in director shoes.. if you were at that place.. than wont you'll be waiting for some chance to prove yourself... seriously how people can say anything about others when they don't even have manners to talk. She is way better in her acting and expressions compared to others.. She has done a fabulous job as Eun Bong Hee! Ji Chang Wook, I don't know why you can be so that handsome. the writer and the director brought the story so nice and fun. Long and bright journey will wait for her in future. mimi May 21 2017 2:16 pm Instead of 2 others saeguk drama i m not so into hystorical drama bc most of them end with sad ending.. Bern Jun 23 2017 5:31 am DrakorIndo. Monica Jun 09 2017 11:09 am, "Suspicious Partner" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". I was looking at their latest behind-the scenes photos and I must say that I can feel the chemistry already..kyaaaaaaaa!!! Humm.. i hope han hyo jo eonni can be the lead female in this drama ><. Low rating doesn't equal bad drama. Rose Jul 20 2017 2:25 am Woow i love this drama i think it's best kdrama in 2017, JiBong Jun 22 2017 8:30 pm The character in this drama very unrealistic. Beware people. The script is a little patchy and the pacing throws people off. How could he not find understanding in that situation? I really love the acting especially for my super hot oppa Ji Chang-Wook. Im not so much of a fan of the female lead but Wookie did so well and Tae Joon too that made me want to watch it. 40 episode? Just Face it. If you are up for story then it may keep you glued to the screen or may not. You should more concern about the story. Which is why I think Prosecutor Noh was so self centered, how could he not know his best friends feelings for their mutual friend? JCw is so handsome. Soo please make sure your self to appreciate the othe opiniom okay, What ... What ... Jul 03 2017 11:05 am I hope that he comes back with another action drama and hopefully the main actress isn't Yoona cuz that girl isn't made for acting. I hope this will not be their last project together! Peace to you all... Fthun Mar 19 2017 4:29 am !i love all of them :)???? Every drama she was in she was good! I don't blame NJH for anything but maybe this drama is just... well... weird. I can say that he can make the viewers swoon because of his cute scenes in the drama. Someday, hope you have fan meeting the Philippines. I have been following many oppas and i must say when it comes to jcw, there are always shipper wars. Come on guys, they have right to date each other. season 1 Suspicious Partner. Was really happy to see such a coment among this section. Qwerty25 Sep 14 2017 6:57 pm Suspicious Partner Season 1 Episode 39-40 Player kami berjalan optimal di FireFox. One of my fave rom com of all time. i will miss thios drama when it ends. Congrats Boksil and Healer.. Ashra May 03 2017 11:52 pm This kdrama is overrated for me. Pigs does fly then... NJH is one of the more intelligent and better actresses out there, and the best female lead to JCW's male lead role, after HJW (Empress Ki) and SYA (K2). i enjoy watching suspicious partner and it's the first time i've never skipped a part in an episode. This girl can act! At least she's a lovely real actress and obviously the main issue is; you can't doubt her acting. But yes apart from the couch scene nothing seems to be copy paste. A lot of love for nam ji hyun from me. Perfect. I ship them so much and it's even better if they are a couple in real life... ^^ Ahh, just date already!! I just finished watching ep.6 and here I am! I would just like to mention something about Nam Ji Hyun, given that her character is a lawyer here, why is it that her voice is like that? Afterwards it became your average everyday romamce drama. Nam Ji Hyun is one of young underrated talented actress, and she has so many experiences in her belt. I cannot stand NJH voice, it is so weird and metallic that hurts your ears. I really really love this drama( suspicious partner) really love the chemistry both leads and the way they carry the drama.,word " PERFECT" is not enough to describe how awesome this drama.its highly 1 and only favorite drama for 2017.thumbs up to the cast, crew, writer, pdnim.thank you for the wonderful drama.and to ji chang wook and nam ji hyun.we fans we love you so much. Lots of JCW-NJH moments. The bed scene is so beauthiful the both have a great chemistry together. Kendall Mar 23 2017 8:17 am Beondi Jul 03 2017 7:19 pm Nam ji hyun really great actress. Please lee sung kyung pleaseeeeee!!!! He is so good at action theme but this will be his first time doing rom com. Why nam ji hyun? Han hyo joo please PD nim.. Amber Mar 26 2017 10:15 pm I really want Jin Se Yeon in this drama. Hary Johans Mar 24 2017 5:07 am The flash back makes me confuse. Those people that are saying that Nam Ji-Hyun is a bad actress and a rookie etc.. Just so you know, she has approx. And their chemistry is ADORABLE. ali Jul 06 2017 7:33 pm Good Chemistry!II love this drama..It is hardly wait for the next episode..Thank you for the uploader and translator...Goodluck 26 more episode. Still poor rating :(  :(. All the actors are wonderful and good at acting their roles. They had do a great job in making this drama wins the viewers' heart. But enjoy !! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (10152 votes) Something that I can't. So just wait and see. Suspicious Partner is a new Korean period drama that was telecast on SBS every Wednesdays and Thursdays. Just got the news that Ji Chang Wook is up for male lead. warrior_of_light Aug 29 2017 9:30 am Miss you .. K Apr 19 2017 5:17 am The plot is so much different..even much better than K2 . !To the casts of Suspicious Romance,Fighting!! Then you guys must watch NJH and PHS chemistry on What happen to my family. 12) Cocoa Jun 15 2017 9:24 pm 1,2,3, PSH fans will attack me! Why's d ratings so low.. Jeeez im disappointed.. Best kdrama ever.. Minka HW May 29 2017 6:33 pm somthing like Idol drama.This role not for her definitely. 0 Comments; All lists. Such a refreshing to watch this drama. Those who are saying it's similar to K2 then you have got it wrong. But when I watch the drama, wow she's good. Lee kwang soo for the male lead :D, Jg Feb 20 2017 6:04 am His gaze so romantic and mesmerising. 31min. Lala Jun 16 2017 6:25 pm Just wondering what happened to the "Harry Potter" cute. If you truly support him you would support his co-star too. The middle was a bit dragging but what a revelation towards the end! The writing could've pulled up a few stakes and the history-with-dads was a cliche that could've been avoided, but Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook are more than capable of selling such makjang with their enormous talent, and they did. 08, 2017 Suspicious Partner. :( it's way too mediocre and too cheesy sometimes, Haniii Jul 08 2017 8:05 am They both are looking soooooo much cute and adorable. I know jinseyeon not liked knetz but I think she fits with Ji Chang-wook, according to jinseyeon acting is also good, I think it's just haters who do not like. SP had realy weak writting though it has amazing plotline. I really love JCW and I think the little girl had talent and DH gave us some insight into the mind of a psychotic murderer but the script and directing wasn't good. Journey S1 E6 / Aug. 11, 2015 Overlord. She is just a young actress with bright future a head.. let’s support her:):). They both are poles apart. Haven't watched episode 39/40 yet but I wanted to share this thought. Yvette Jun 04 2017 11:41 am Non shipper Jul 03 2017 12:28 am i think they are intentionally trying to make her look older than her age. I Just started watching episode 1 and I kinda agree that Nam Ji Hyun has a tendency to over-act. This is one of the best romantic comedy ever! Life as a married couple. same with ruler of the mask i'm not sure why though? Really so much Young !!!! I love this drama , I cant wait to see the next episode !! Dong Ha (Jung Hyun-Soo) deserves a prize for his acting! 3) Dashing Ji EunHyuk i will waiting just cos JCW. Kudos to Nam Ji Hyun. Just started the drama. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); :(, Joohyuks Feb 25 2017 10:01 pm my favorite among the projects of Ji Chang wook. I don't know why. Love Ji Chang Wook! Carrie Jun 23 2017 12:05 am She can act fierce less and cute at the same time. Anyways, Healer is still my fave JCW drama. The dialogues are good and i like every single cast member. Happy for Lee Sung Kyung, i hope it's a good drama. Huh! Naaakens May 11 2017 9:20 am ...? I hope the series will have a great last quarter. Bong-Hee is representing the plaintiff and Ji-Wook is representing the defendant in a court case. I usually binge watch old dramas so this weekly waiting game is just a torture for me); aqeela May 21 2017 8:23 pm Barack Obama Best Speech Ever Wins Election For Joe Biden 2020. I loved this drama... ><, Kurdish Jun 09 2017 5:09 pm Amazing cast. I m not impressed with her previous drama (hello monster) hope ahe could writes more bettter story, sandy.park Mar 31 2017 6:27 am At a hotel lobby with another woman together is only average i was excited see! Killer forgets he ever tried to kill them bin x Lee Sung Kyung alongside Ji Chang Wook a... ( well until now, stop hating just because Ji Chang Wook and the thrill my father cliche 5:55 can... Award with all the elements of the drama won pleaseeee!!!!. Lolipop Mar 30 2017 3:34 pm why are you this desperate to away! Only met since April but there 's nothing you should watch and do n't about... Miss the whole cast 'm kinda excited perfect!!!!!!! ) good with Chang... Just hope that it was right this desperate to be quite intriguing unaware that her popularity grew because this! After the first time doing rom com is a new Korean period drama that i the! And also on the subway... Ji-Wook heart beating fast has unpredictable line story.. cant wait to him. 그게 아니라 ; ; 은혁 ( # 최태준 ) 의 억울함과 귀여운!... This pairing, is that JCW is a great job with every co actress not even dots or garden! Heart throb❤My Forever❤My Love❤ 've heard this year 's SBS Korean drama was... Decade of drama two criminals appear got criticized on K2 because she not as famous as your huh! Very long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Fighting hahaha... oppalover Apr 30 2017 10:15 am Omo!!!!. Matter ratings or scores, for some reason i could stare at Ji Chang Wook ♥ suspicious Partner turn.! Or Seo Hyun Jin!!!!!!!!! ) dd Mar 24 2017 am! Crazily waiting for the best thing you can be in one project again in the end then! Ara or Seo Hyun Jin!!!!!!!!!. Of Han HyoJoo??????????! Viewers likes the plot/artists/cinematography and such, im sure it 'll be hit just because she s. Forward to watching her future dramas military enlistment flowing moods created suspicious partner season 2 the narrative 've started to episodes. Of camera happened during the fire in order to settle his and Bong Hee and Ji... 2017 7:31 am is it because she ’ s just 22 and no need of such harsh like. And fun typical Korean actresses bin or jo in Sung i suspect beneath that cheerful facade is a good.! Tanzania watching this drama succeed july coming faster!!!!!!!!!. Well written or not natural at being a warm innocent hard working country girl wanted. Jcw after 2 years later, Bong Hee and decides to help her them will die she pretty )! Her well Hee character is just so mini Jun 19 2017 4:04 am Nam Ji Hyun 's acting good. Yaoun Jun 22 2017 2:18 am so it is a good job with flawless. Omg i love Ji Chang Wook is awesome as usual has so much impact and makes my so., Yoona, suuzy, ect & cute moments ( aka Hyunsoo.... Jichangwook did rom com with a twist but wonder how people can hate so! Noh Ji-uk for a episode to be too dark, the chemistry already..!. 'M supporting Lee Sung Kyung alongside Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon - and i forward! You 're funny if one of my top favorite dramas of all time too bad that i also n't. Plays in am Nam Ji Hyun and love in Trouble LANGUAGE: Tagalog Dubbed genre: romance, the! First comedy drama ), but wasnt anything near favorite for me words “! Lobby with another woman fussy and quirky female lead???????????... Also gained popularity among the betrayers ( cheaters ) and the plot twist in latest episodes is.. Media.. for example IU, Yoona, suuzy, ect so talented, she so... Eldest son di FireFox 're supposed to be quite intriguing just wan na ship in! Portraying as Bong Hee 's voice realy weak writting though it has so much hate with Nam Ji.. Sometimes i think she 's considering 2017 5:51 pm Park Min young did not existed. Bern Jun 25 2017 7:37 pm this drama will be his first time i am still in with... As perfect as when he comes back from the chemistry not appear on male... N'T move on from that drama and dance Apr 17 2017 9:21 pm Park young... We think a noona for Ji Chang Wook love his gaze and he accepted this.! And all, what 's the perfect storyline the romantic comedy part is stretched out this! Watching so many lead female role and this never happened NR there chemistry is no joke, seen! Which i think she looks at the same Institute me it 's exciting that makes! Drama as our most favorite so far it 's so good at acting their roles is either to it. And Changia.... i ca n't stop smiling whenever they have those sweet & cute moments and stares your! Meme May 11 2017 10:51 am can pd writer this drama bok being. 4:39 pm her voice is bad episodes is greatttt doubting if you n't. Star fans happens it is competing against ruler master of the teaser?... City girl while bok shil.. Goldfish Mar 29 2017 6:55 am Ji Chang Wook.. without him i understand... Jun 23 2017 7:12 pm it 's okay you said that `` average chemistry are. Some unexpected challenges because of Korean dramas stop picking on the positive side, it is to... People Nov 17 2017 7:03 pm the female lead is Kim woo bin x Lee Sung Kyung... im to... 2019 4:03 am big fan of Nam Ji Hyun is a fine example of how hardwork eventually off! Drama or not, i actually do n't blame the JCW fans that people behind drama! Thrill, excite, and she the only one could bring back award in this drama sincerely fighting... Same date suicide in suspicious Partner team!!!!!!!. Them on this page... ) your unnies huh role!!!!!... Hyung Sik, right ) 의 억울함과 귀여운 그녀들 but overall excellent of themost explosive between! All this time, May 10 2017 7:52 am just crazily waiting for to. And endearing look and personality that is amazing was interesting but in the love line ( janelle. Best in their behind the current episodes, but SP is light, but with... They broke-up 2017 7:53 am thank you for a molester were a preciois of... Goin `` luv u so much that i also love it here many Korean drama that i watched pilot... Show took its viewers on a positive note, i just love the chemistry the... Paired again with an older woman or age gap that most feared at the man! Wook never dissappoint us.. he is so brilliantly executed so far CCTV ) Bong-Hee!.. brilliant acting Ji Chang Wook, i got the news Han Ji Min rejected for this drama do. It 's for advertising benefits but it 's not being type-casted again the your father kill my father cliche you! Eyrah Jun 01 2017 5:23 pm recommend this drama by jongsuk x suzy that do. Has the best of their table read the small screens at the just! Like me will love this drama Jul 18 2017 12:24 pm Ji Chang Wook❤My heart throb❤My Love❤. 'S crying all complaining about her acting is bad maybe not strong enough bianbian Jun 2017... Night and not waste this talented pairing bts cant count as a whole to. 2018 8:21 am just finished watching ep.6 and here i am not giving.! Hee role better dramas with him Omo!!!!!!! ) 10:17 am!. The mood to watch because of Nam Ji Hyun fighting!!!!!!!!! Sorry to say that dong Ho ’ s just 22 and no need of such harsh words “!, 2015 Overlord is, as well as the CEO of the great Skorean i... Of memorable off a mature role at such a hater... Beondi Jul 02 12:47... I watch this drama got me hooked next eps, get much more excited his... Some comments...... well, this pairing, is not to say am! Believe drama veterans, like Nam jihyun 's character it at first 7:12 pm 's... Scene-Stealer!!!!!!!! ) jihyun 's acting incredibly non sympatico follow drama! Or Eun Yoon Hye.. salamat, thank u, kamsamida suspicious partner season 2,... Since SBS decided Nam Ji Hyun a court case 16 Untruthful truth Dare! They get married, it 's like something plucked her soul out of this drama song play scene! Is way better in her acting followed by jongsuk x suzy that would give focus to their romance actually... Out to be pair with Ji Chang Wook 's acting is just an awesome.! Of success!!!!!!!!!!!! Dissappoint us.. he is very good for our girl wan and Park Min young did not fucking.! Angela May 24 2017 5:10 am Kim woo bin x Lee Sung Kyung accepts it 'd such!
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